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I'm implementing a social networking site. I hope to use drupal or elgg and am trying out both. I'm stuck on customizing the registration to include a neighborhood in addition to city and state.

I want to have drop-down menus customize the local information based on the more global information. So, once you choose the state, the city list is populated in a drop-down menu.

I am building a list of the interesting neighborhoods, and can load that into a db table or whatever is convenient.

What do you suggest?

Javascript and/or php is fine.

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You're going to want a module like Active Select (Drupal 6 port here) that provides that sort of functionality to the Forms API.

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for elgg .. there are two plugins you will find usefull.

  1. forms - http://community.elgg.org/pg/plugins/kevin/read/97061/form-and-related-plugins-for-elgg-15-and-higher

  2. flex profiles - http://groups.google.com/group/elgg-development/browse_thread/thread/15bb22b7b5fc665e

hope this points you in a helpful direction.

you can even use csv and this plugin... to fill out all the info dynamically.


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