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I write a temp http protocol and the Code is as follow, it works well for web pages navigating, but cannot for file download, such as http://**/111.zip . How to modify the code ? Envrionment: .Net 2.0, VS2008, C#

public void Start(string szURL, IInternetProtocolSink Sink, IInternetBindInfo pOIBindInfo, uint grfPI, uint dwReserved)
                IServiceProvider Provider = (IServiceProvider)Sink;
                object obj_Negotiate = new object();
                Provider.QueryService(ref Guids.IID_IHttpNegotiate, ref Guids.IID_IHttpNegotiate, out obj_Negotiate);
                IHttpNegotiate Negotiate = (IHttpNegotiate)obj_Negotiate;
                string strRequestHeaders;
                Negotiate.BeginningTransaction(szURL, string.Empty, 0, out strRequestHeaders);
                BINDINFO BindInfo = GetBindInfo(pOIBindInfo);
                String RawPostData = GetPostData(BindInfo, szURL);
                HttpWebResponse HttpResp = GetHttpWebResponse(szURL, RawPostData, strRequestHeaders);
                uint RespCode = (uint)HttpResp.StatusCode;
                using (Stream RespStream = HttpResp.GetResponseStream())
                    byte[] rgb = new byte[1024];
                    int cb;
                    while ((cb = RespStream.Read(rgb, 0, rgb.Length)) > 0)
                        MemStream.Write(rgb, 0, cb);
                MemStream.Position = 0;
                String ContentType = HttpResp.GetResponseHeader("Content-Type");
                string StrResponseHeaders = HttpResp.Headers.ToString();
                string strNewResponseHeaders;
                Negotiate.OnResponse(RespCode, StrResponseHeaders, strRequestHeaders, out strNewResponseHeaders);

                if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(ContentType))
                    Sink.ReportProgress((uint)BINDSTATUS.BINDSTATUS_MIMETYPEAVAILABLE, ContentType);
                Sink.ReportResult(0, 0, null);
            catch (Exception e)
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What happens when you try to download the file? What is the status code & content type that you get in response? –  VinayC Sep 3 '10 at 4:35
It show an error dialog "Internet Explore can't download 111.zip (from sitename.com). Internet Explore can't open the site, the site is unavailable or not found, please try later." and a background downlading dailog box "Finished 0% - 111.zip (from sitename.com) ..." And Sniffer software shows the Response is the same with normal IE download, Response Code 200, Content-Type: application/zip and all the content of the 111.zip is obviously received. –  Yale Sep 3 '10 at 6:22
When click the OK button of the error dialog, two dailogs dispears. –  Yale Sep 3 '10 at 6:23
WorkAround, Save to a temp file first "E:\\111.zip", and then Add Sink.ReportProgress((uint)BINDSTATUS.BINDSTATUS_CACHEFILENAMEAVAILABLE, "E:\\111.zip"); then it works. –  Yale Sep 3 '10 at 9:51

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