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I am trying to convert a base64binary string to a byte array in classic ASP. StrConv() doesn't exist in ASP.

My objective is to take the base64binary string received from a web service call, and write the binary format to a file.


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When faced with a similar situation some time ago, I used MSXML to convert the data to a byte array before saving it to a file. You will need version 3 or higher.

To do this you would:

  • Load the data with MSXML
  • Set the node's dataType property to bin.base64
  • Read the binary data from the node using the nodeTypedValue property
  • To save the file you can use the ADODB.Stream component.

A few links on how the to this are below.




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Excellent! This helped a lot! –  marcwenger Sep 15 '10 at 15:04

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