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Does anyone know how can I add an integer from another table to the current selected table in SQL Server?

For example: I have 2 tables with the following information in each table

  1. tableA:

    id    username   point   status   country
    1     alvin      1       1        U.S.A
    2     alvin      1       1        U.S.A
    3     amy        1       0        Australia
  2. tableB:

    id    username    point
    1     amy         1
    2     alvin       1
    3     ken         1

How can I sum up the total points in tableA with also add in the sum points from tableB? I tried the following code, but seem is not working and error display:

SELECT username, (COUNT(distinct a.point) + (SELECT SUM(a.point)
    FROM tableB b WHERE b.username = a.username) AS 'Points', status, country
FROM tableA
GROUP BY aco.username

And the output I expected will be:

username Points status country
alvin    3      1      U.S.A
amy      2      0      Australia
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Young: You should not change the question after so long. – Damian Leszczyński - Vash Sep 3 '10 at 8:42
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WITH Results(username,point)
SELECT username, point FROM TableA
SELECT username, point FROM TableB

SELECT username, sum(point) AS Points FROM Results GROUP BY username


The question has changed, so now the solution should look like this

WITH Results(username,point,status, country)
SELECT username, point, status, country FROM TableA
SELECT username, point, null, null FROM TableB

SELECT username, sum(point) AS Points, max(status), max(country) FROM Results GROUP BY username

What is WITH ? What is UNION ?

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You don't mention why Ken doesn't appear in the output table, I assume that TableA is the 'master' list. If so I would do the following INNER JOIN which is the most simple solution.

SELECT a.username AS Username, SUM(ISNULL(a.point,0)+ISNULL(b.point,0)) as Points,
   MAX(a.Status) as Status, MAX(a.Country) as Country
FROM TableA a 
    ON a.username=b.username
GROUP BY a.username
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