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I'm building my first web application(i mean first huge web application)using php but i have some questions about admin section.what are the ways for making admin i mean i thought i could make it this way: First make an array:

$pages = array('post' => 'posts.php', 'category' => 'categories.php');

And then read get var check if it's in array:

    include "$pages[$_GET[location]]";

is this a good way? are there any other ways? and i was about to forget this one what are admin page html tags and headers?

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Always I am creating a own module for admin panel. With own authentification. Admin section in common site isn't a good practice.

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it's not a common site it's a local site in localhost, I'm practicing but i expected more answers and helps.anyway tanks for the answer. –  tazphoenix Sep 3 '10 at 20:33

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