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I have a vb.net web application in visual web developer 2008 with a dll file and i need to debug a method in that dll.

I also have project source files for the dll file itself. How could i make the web application use the source instead of the dll file so that i'd be able to debug it?

I've tried debugging the dll project itself, but it's not a very good solution, because it seems the dll depends on the web application settings and data and it would simply be too much work to get it working.

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If you have your web application running locally, open up your DLL project and then attach the debugger to IIS.

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Already solved with adding a dll together with pdb file to the bin directory of the project. I don't have iis, i use visual web developer. Thanks for the help. –  Marius S. Sep 6 '10 at 7:14

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