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I'm trying to do a reset on a form styled with JQTransform, in particular selects, which are replaced by lists. There is a function jqTransformReset(); but I cant get it working for some reason.

Has anyone had any success with this?

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You have to pass jqTransformReset() the form element as a parameter.

There is some additional information regarding jqTransform and <select> elements over here:

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Your code keeps the value because when i "submit" the form, the old value is sent. This worked fine to me.

$("div.jqTransformSelectWrapper").each(function() {
         $("ul li:first a", this).click();
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To reset the select drop downs in jqTransform you can use this code in jqTransformReset() in jquery.jqtransform.js

$("div.jqTransformSelectWrapper").each(function() {
        $("div span", this).text($("ul li:first", this).text());
        $("ul li a.selected", this).removeClass("selected");
        $("ul li:first a", this).addClass("selected");
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