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Hey All, I'm having a problem building a complicated lucene query using the QueryParser.

This is basically what I need to search for one of the fields (allowed): This Field Basically stores some series of keywords that specify some access. It could look like:

  1. -PPartners:ALL
  2. -PLevel:ALL


  4. -PAffiliate:GOOGLE

So basically for each item to search I need pass these values and see if the result either allow access for those or is non secured for each category

I tried using the following syntax in the query parser but that did not work.

allowed:(("PPartners:ALL " OR "PPartners:OEM") AND (“PLevel:ALL" OR "PLevel:Executive") AND ("PAffiliate:ALL" OR "PAffiliate:XCompany") AND (“PRegion:ALL" OR "PRegion:North America"))

I ended up with zero results, would you advice the best way to perform this search? Thanks,

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What Analyzer are you using for the QueryParser. If the fields you are searching on were not analyzed the QueryPaser is using an analyzer it lowercasing the query string, then they value 'ALL' will never match 'all'

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