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I am trying to populate an excel spreadsheet using VBA (is actually something different using a COM server but it is the same syntax). Thisis a report generated that I want to write in Excel for formatting and presentation purpose. CSV exports and other techniques are out of the equation because of the technology involved.

So, I am able to do it writing each value in each cell, but it is painfully slow, so, I decided I could write a bunch of values at once (let's say 250 records each time). So I store those values delimited by a carriage return and if I copy/paste that using VBA it works perfectly.

Problem is, I can't use the clipboard (as the report is executed many times simultaneously), so can I simulate the paste action (or some other similar) from a list of values in Excel without using the clipboard?


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The fastest way to copy values in VBA I know is

Range("destrange") = Range("srcrange")

destrange and srcrange should be the same size. Also no formatting data etc. will be copied.

edit: here is something that could be usefull.

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Hi, I couldn't use copy a range, but the link show several options, importing text files was the way to go in my case. Thx –  pedromarce Sep 3 '10 at 18:55
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You can create an array of Variants and assign it to a range:

  Dim v() As Variant

  ReDim v(1 To 20, 1 To 10)
  'Fill v
  v(5, 5) = 42

  Range("a1:j20").Value = v
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It is a very good option, but in my environment I couldn't define a Variant variable. –  pedromarce Sep 3 '10 at 18:55
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