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I've used phpMyAdmin for a while now - it gets the job done but it is very clunky and outdated, and has many features that I don't need. I'm looking for either a web based or (preferably) an OS X native alternative that is easy to use and isn't heavy on features.

Is there any programs out there that fit the bill?

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I think you will be very impressed with SQL Buddy. That is very similar to phpMyAdmin but with a vastly improved user interface! SQL Buddy is another web interface just like phpMyAdmin. Setup is simply providing a username and password... thats it!

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The OS X port of mysql comes with a native mysql administration gui utility suite called the "MySQL Administrator" and "MySQL Query Browser"

Additionally there is a dashboard widget you can install that will monitor the MySQL server performance. It's called MySQLHealth.

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For MySQL, CocoaMySQL is pretty good - it concentrates more on database usage rather than server administration.

EDIT: It's now called Sequel Pro and is available at

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MySQL itself has also released a number of tools. One of them is MySQL Administrator. You can also use this in combination with the MySQL Query Browser.

These tools are all cross-platform

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These tools are buggy on OS X and tend to crash allot doing the simplest of things, for instance editing a table name. – Mint Jul 11 '10 at 2:58

I've used adminer before with some success. It's only a single php file, so very easy to throw on a server when you need it, and easy to remove when you are done, as well.

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I use Sequel Pro on Mac Osx :

I can create database rapidly for development and export or import SQL data, copy one or multiple row and paste them on PhpMyAdmin on the production server. I can make SQL query and save them.

I think it's a good option, it's a native osx application, i don't know the others solutions…

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I love the simplicity of Sequel Pro. Now that I'm used to it I get so frustrated with how many clicks are necessary to accomplish basic things in other tools... – Damon Sep 26 '11 at 14:30

Another useful tool is "SQL Manager Lite for MySQL" from EMS( They also have versions for other databases so if you land up using multiple databases (PostgreSQL, FirebirdSQL, MS SQL) this is one way to have a consistent user interface for each database system.

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try out SQL Yog also....its also light weight and pretty useful

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