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I want to use two different uitabbar control in the application. first UITABbar control i add in the starting windows. and in this after the navigation i want to show the other tab bar with 5 tabs. can any one suggest how i do this ? Or we need to add a different window for add this and need to show this windows on the click or other? Please suggest. Thanks

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The Human Interface Guidelines specifically recommend against having multiple tab bars in your application:

If your application provides different perspectives on the same set of data, or different subtasks related to the overall function of the application, you might want to use a tab bar. A tab bar appears at the bottom edge of the screen.

A tab bar gives users the ability to switch among different modes or views in an application, and users should be able to access these modes from everywhere in the application. However, a tab bar should never be used as a toolbar, which contains buttons that act on elements in the current mode (see “Toolbars” for more information on toolbars).

If you need to have context-specific actions, use a toolbar instead.

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