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I need some examples (URLs) for adding Zend_Acl (roles and rules, allowing to visit or deny actions). I've googled but didn't find exactly that I need - step by step guide to provide such operations with module, not just controller-action.

BTW, it's good if in example will be used Zend_Config.

Thx in advance!

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Start by reading the manual

You should at least attempt to solve the problem before asking for others to find articles for you.

But failing that, this is what I do:

  • An ACL resource is my module
  • An ACL privilege is my controller
  • A logged in user has a role
  • When checking the ACL for access, use the logged in user's role and use the request object's module and controller for your ACL resource and privilege
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Some tutorials here Zendcasts,com > Access Control not sure if its what you are looking for, have a look see.

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