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Hey everyone, Does anyone know a good (preferably open source and cross platform) tool to allow simple visualization of mysql databases? I just need a tool I can quickly point at a database and it'll show basic table structure and field types, etc. Nothing too advanced or crazy.

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MySQL Workbench runs on Windows and Linux. The commercial version will let you reverse engineer and edit the stucture of a live database, with the free one you have first to dump the structure to a file. Its ancestor DBDesigner is a bit older, but doesn't have this limitation. Windows and Linux too.

If these two are overkill you may try with HeidiSQL, the descendant of MySQLFront. It runs on Windows only, but there is an alpha version running on Java.

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MySQL Workbench is well done, it replaces MySQL GUI Tools –  bobobobo May 14 '10 at 14:38
The free one apparently now lets you reverse engineer a database. It also runs on mac. :-) –  Akrikos Apr 10 '12 at 13:59
+1 HeidiSQL. Simple and easy to use. Plus has SSH tunneling.Very nice. –  incognick Oct 23 '12 at 20:21

I really like Sqlyog on Windows. It is (technically) open source, but not cross-platform. (Scroll down to "community edition")

If your requirements are open source, simple, and cross-platform, hav eyou considered setting up a website with phpMyAdmin?

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I do that already. I generally set up apache virtual hosts for dev sites and they all use a single mysql instance which is managed via phpmyadmin. Only problem is phpmyadmin is slow and clunky, I was looking for something client side, lightweight, and more of a graphical view of the tables.Thanks! –  Electronic Zebra Dec 12 '08 at 18:59


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There's also MySQL Workbench. It's more for design, but would do what you ask. There's a free version which is a little crippled and I think it might be Windows only.

EDIT: There is a Linux version.


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Sqlyog community should be fine

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