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I'm trying to develop a system, and doing the ER diagram now, i have two questions

  1. I'm always thinking about the process and trying to do the ER, now i'm so confused i can't really think and do it, even though i have a knowledge in databases, how to over come this?

  2. how to represent a login in the ER? please elaborate guys?

thanks in advance!

regards, Rangana

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"login" sounds like an action, which sounds like a workflow, which makes me think that an ER (Entity-Relation) diagram is not appropriate. Unless you mean there is a "login" entity, such as a username and password. –  FrustratedWithFormsDesigner Sep 3 '10 at 17:37
i have 4 type of uses, each one have their levels, so how can i represent them in my ER? how to store the login data and the levels of them? i'm giving them access to each part according to their level in the organisation? –  ranganaMIT Sep 3 '10 at 17:41

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The "login" itself can't be presented in the database. You mean users and their access, maybe their rights inside groups/ACL/...

In the most basic case, you would have a usertable with the login data

id            int
name          varchar
passwd        varchar
[ last_login  datetime
active        boolean
..... ]

Of course this is a simple example and needs to be adopted. So if you need more provileges, you could introduce a is_admin (bool) column. For more ACL stuff, you can create a groups table that stores the permissions and is connected to the user with a n:m relation.

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