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I am using xPath to do some ETL work from a dictionary lookup file. I need to be able to look for the translation key and return the translated value. For example I need to be able to look for "prioremployment" and have it return "Prior Employment".

This will return an array of all the translate nodes (I am using ColdFusion 9):

XMLSearch(xmlDoc, "//translate")

Here is the XML I am working with:

 <category value="additionalinfo">
        <translate value="prioremployment">Prior Employment</translate>
 <category value="bilingualnarratives">
    <translate value="narr_priorexpLOT">Prior Bilingual Experience</translate>
 <category value="certification">
    <translate value="cell_phonehours">Cell Phone Hours</translate>
    <translate value="dlexp">Driver's License Exp. Date</translate>
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Even /*/*/translate[@value='prioremployment'] would be better. Don't start a path with // operator when there is no need to. –  user357812 Sep 3 '10 at 18:29
Thanks guys this works great. –  resonantmedia Sep 3 '10 at 19:10

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