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I need to set my apache environment to 'foobar' I know I need to set in in my vhost, but what should i type there and where?

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SetEnv sets a particular variable to some value, so you need something like

SetEnv varname varvalue

If this is for a specific virtual host, and you have access to the Apache configuration files, this would go inside the <VirtualHost> directive for that virtual host.

If you don't have control of the config files, you'll need to put it in a .htaccess file. But for this to work, SetEnv must be allowed in .htaccess files, which is specified using the AllowOverride directive.

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I have never done or used Apache and now as I am setting up Git with Smart HTTP protocol I have this little problem. In the manual they are talking about a command such as SetEnv GIT_PROJECT_ROOT /opt/git. In the linux I don't have an access to a command called SetEnv but setenv. I quite frankly don't know where should I be putting this command in. Would you be able to give me a hint? –  Mehrad Apr 23 at 5:50
SetEnv isn't a command you type in a terminal. It's a directive you put into the Apache configuration files. You should probably create a new question that describes your environment. –  Richard Fearn Apr 23 at 8:12
Thanks for your answer. I definitely will. I figured that one the hard way. :) As I said I know nothing about Apache and in general very little about Linux. Cheers –  Mehrad Apr 24 at 2:04

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