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I'm looking for a tool to test web sites that will follow a simple script e.g.

URL www.example.com/SomePage
FORMFIELD MyFormFieldID = "Some value"


WAIT 2 seconds

and capture browser window images for comparison against a known-good master image set, e.g. a command like:

SCREEN CAPTURE TO Test0001-Image0001.JPG

such that the browser's window will be captured to file (including capturing hidden portions)

Then a DIFF tool that will show me differences between a previously saved Master Image set and the Current Test image set.

The Image Compare should preferably allow the use of XOR-Mask images (e.g. to prevent display of Date/Time being considered a difference)

We have a version of Waitir that we heavily modified to do just this (using image capture from www.smalleranimals.com/sasuite.htm ), but I could now do with something cross-browser - e.g. based on Selenium (perhaps using captureEntirePageScreenshot (filename, kwargs) )

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The Firefox addon iMacros for Firefox can do this: http://wiki.imacros.net/Browser_Automation#Web_Site_Screenshot

You can run the same macro also in iMacros for Internet Explorer and maybe also in iMacros for Chrome.

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Thanks. I had had a quick look at iMacros, I'll now take a closer look –  Kristen Sep 4 '10 at 7:32

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