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When I run SquishIt in development mode everything works fine. When I put it into production mode I am getting the 'missing ; before statement' error in Javascript. I've tried removing the offending javascipt files, but the error moves down to the next one.

Any idea's?

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One possibility is that you're missing a ; somewhere in your code that's being automatically inserted by the browser. Use jslint to find the offending lines of code.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I thought about that, so I added a file at a time. Each file past the first one would cause that error. Thanks for the jsLint link. – Chuck Conway Sep 3 '10 at 21:32
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I also posted this problem on the Squishit google groups. Justin reponded:

This is a known bug that is going to be fixed in an soon to be released SquishIt 0.6.1. Essentially the ajax minifier is compressing the files separately before we are combining them into one. This can cause the issue you are seeing. The fix in the meantime is to use the WithCompressor option and switch to something like the YUI compressor temporarily.the YUI compressor temporarily.

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