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How to use BeyondCompare from "git mergetool" in cygwin?

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Here's a simple answer.

#! /bin/sh
LOCAL=`cygpath -wa $1`
REMOTE=`cygpath -wa $2`
BASE=`cygpath -wa $3`
MERGED=`cygpath -wa $4`
/cygdrive/c/BeyondCompare3/BComp.exe $LOCAL $THEIRS $BASE $MERGED

Or as in your git config.

[mergetool "mergetool"]
    cmd = /cygdrive/c/BeyondCompare3/BComp.exe `cygpath -wa "$LOCAL"` `cygpath -wa "$REMOTE"` `cygpath -wa "$BASE"` `cygpath -wa "$MERGED"`

I use cygpath (which comes with cygwin) to convert the paths. The -w flag converts from cygwin format (starting with /cygdrive/c) to windows format (starting with c:). The -a flag uses absolute filenames.

Note: I don't have a Pro BeyondCompare license, so I can't test merge properly, but it is correctly opening the first two files.

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I've found some scripts to convert cygwin paths (robustly, it seems) and launch BC3:

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I'm rather uncertain about how the paths are cleaned up, though. Can this be simpler? I'd love to do this purely by configuring git and not using a shell script. – Vincent Scheib Sep 3 '10 at 21:51

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