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I'm trying to set up a system whereby emails sent to a certain address get piped to a PHP script for processing.

Thanks to StackOverflow, I've found this on-point article:


However, I've got a few simple/stupid questions about it:

First, in that article, you edit the /etc/aliases file and add an entry that looks like this:

script: "|/usr/bin/processingScript.php"

Does that mean that the email address you'd use is "script@[mydomain].com"?

Or, if I wanted the email address that I'd use to send emails for processing to be "processthis@mydomain.com", then the entry in the alias file would be:

processthis: "|/usr/bin/processingScript.php"

As an aside - should the entry actually have quotes around the script name, or is this just a typo in the article?

Next question... should there actually be a mail account on my server with this address? In other words, should I create a "script@mydomain.com" account? (This is a really dumb question, but I don't understand how aliases work).

Next question... I've read that when you edit the aliases file, you should run "newaliases" or "sendmail -bi" to tell sendmail to rebuild it's aliases database.

However, on my server (a MediaTemple DV server), there's no "newaliases" program, and "-bi" does not appear to be a valid parameter for sendmail. When I try it, I get this:

sendmail: usage: sendmail [ -t ] [ -fsender ] [ -Fname ] [ -bp ] [ -bs ] [ arg ... ]

(I realize that this might be a MediaTemple question, but maybe someone here has some insight...)

Many thanks in advance!

Cheers, Matt Stuehler

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  1. Short answer: yes. Long answer: "[mydomain].com" can be any of the domains the MTA is responsible for handling.

  2. I do not recall ever using quotes in my pipe aliases.

  3. There is no need to have a real account with the same name as an alias.

  4. It might not actually be sendmail per se, but rather another MTA masquerading as sendmail.

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Ignacio, Thanks for your response! Re: the first question - sorry - I wasn't clear. I was asking about the inbox name, not the domain name. For example, if I want all emails sent to processthis@mydomain.com to be piped to a php script at /usr/bin/processEmail.php, then I'd have an entry in my aliases file like this: "processthis |/usr/bin/proccessEmail.php". Is that correct? –  mattstuehler Sep 6 '10 at 18:43
That would work, provided the rest as given in answer 1 is followed. –  Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Sep 7 '10 at 5:24

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