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Im usign this to create a bunch on draggable elements:

$$('.box').each( function(item){ new Draggable(item) });

How can I limit the draggable area? This way, the boxes can be droped anywhere on the page, and I would like to limit the drag area to their current parent element (I dont think I need to create a droppable). Or, at least, i would like to revert the box to its initial position if its dropped outside it parent. How can I do this? thanks.

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probably a bit late, but here is my solution:

just add a snap to the draggable item

new Draggable('myItem', {
    snap: function(y) {
        return[ (y < 1024) ? (y > 0 ? y : 0) : 1024 ];

now your item moves just along x.

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Thank you for this. –  giftnuss Sep 21 '12 at 12:48

If you want to limit the drag horizontal or vertical, you can use this:

new Draggable('myItem', {
    constraint: "horizontal"

Or like bopa said, you can use snap to limit the drag with specifics x y like in this example: http://www.tutorialspoint.com/cgi-bin/practice.cgi?file=scriptaculous_14

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