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Im using a simple ajax script to allow users to vote against multiple posts on a page. However I dont want the same user to vote against the same post more than once, to try and avoid this I log the users, ID, Username and the ID of the post to which they have voted in a database.

Like so:

$updatevoters = "INSERT INTO voters VALUES('$userid', '$id', '$username')";

What I now need to do is before submitting the vote to the database is make sure that the user hasnt already done so.

How can I query the database, Im thinking of using COUNT or something similar, to check if there are any matches?

Im not sure how to take all 3 variables $userid, $id and $username and compare against the voters table.

Essentially I'd like to be able to build an IF:

If ($count = 0) {
} else {

Any help appreciate....

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$sql = "SELECT * FROM voters WHERE userid='$userid' AND id='$id' AND username='$username'";
$result = mysql_query($sql);
    // there ARE rows so user has already voted
    // no rows... user hasn't voted yet

no need for count... if they're in the database then they've voted. :)

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Make sure you have a index across the three columns to improve this lookup. –  bramp Sep 4 '10 at 0:58
No, use COUNT - you're sending back all the column data in the table, only to completely ignore it for sake of what amounts to COUNT. –  OMG Ponies Sep 4 '10 at 1:08
You don't have to select all of it - send back just the ID if you want. Even if you count you have to send back something. –  Thomas Clayson Sep 4 '10 at 9:16

Fetch the voting records for the specific user ID. If the count is zero, allow them to vote.

And please tell me that $username is escaped or sanitized somewhere before the line "INSERT INTO voters VALUES('$userid', '$id', '$username')";

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I would assume (read "hope") that username was escaped before the user was signed up... and the string that is being used is just this recycled field, rather than a user input. –  Thomas Clayson Sep 4 '10 at 0:52
Using Oauth so Username comes from the Oauth session, its not input by the user via the site. –  CLiown Sep 4 '10 at 0:58

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