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What's the keyboard shortcut for VS2005/2008 to display intellisense box if accidentally hit ESC and want the box come back again? Thanks.

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exact duplicate of… – mcabral Sep 4 '10 at 1:32
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Ctrl + Space


Ctrl + J

You can also go to Tools > Options > Environment > Keyboard and check what is assigned to these shortcuts. The command name should be Edit.CompleteWord.

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Of note for Messenger plus! users: You have to change the lock shortcut, even if it is disabled it interferes with Visual Studio. Plus! > Preferences & Options > Features > Messenger lock, and, Plus! > Passwords > Unlock Messenger. – BrunoLM May 19 '11 at 14:54

Ctrl+K, Ctrl+I shows you Quick info (handy inside parameters)
Ctrl+Shift+Space shows you parameter info

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Ctrl+Shift+Space is all I needed, I was kinda tired of removing a single character from a parameter just so I could see all signatures and parameter info. Thanks! – Lennard Fonteijn Mar 12 '15 at 0:03
[2] on the dude above, all i was looking for was Ctrl + Shift + Space – v1n1akabozo Feb 23 at 19:24

The most efficient one is Ctrl + . It helps to automate insertions of using directives. It works if the focus is on a new identifier, e.g. class name.

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Came here looking for this; wasn't sure what to call it. Thanks! :D – Fortyseven Nov 23 '14 at 19:14

Ctrl+Space should do it.

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It should be Ctrl + J.

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Alt + Right Arrow and Alt + Numpad 6 (if Num Lock is disabled) are also possibilities.

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if you want to change whether it heighlight the best fitting possibility, use:

Ctrl + Alt + Space

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