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I am very new to drupal. As I have seen many of drupal free theme can show image in the recent post on the first page of drupal (i.e. --

I tried searching some ways to do but seem my keyword search was mismatched so I would be greatly appreciated if anyone can help !!!

Many Thanks !

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If you don't want to install any modules, you can simply use a standard HTML <img> tag to put an image in your node body (make sure your selected Input Format allows for the use of that tag). You can then use FTP to upload the linked images to your /sites/default/files directory.

The modules mentioned by Nikit (especially IMCE) can ease this process greatly. A the very minimum, IMCE allows you to upload files to your server without using FTP and adds a handy "insert image" link after your "body" input fields. Clicking that link uploads your image and then generates the <img> code for you.

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You can simply style it in node body (wysiwyg + imce can help to quickly upload image and style it).

But recommend to you use image or cck + imagefield, and theme it via node-{CONTENTTYPE}.tpl.php
Little help here:

But recommend to learn theming in drupal.

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If you don't want to use HTML or change any PHP files then use the admin console.

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