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I have a small problem with a the Facebook sharer.php!

I'm developing a small flash application (kind of slideshow) that will be embed into different website.

In the application there is a button that send a request to Facebook to share a link.

So based on the Sharer.php doc, I send a request like this :

The facebook page pops out, I see the correct title for 2 seconds and then facebook replace it with the title of the current page.

Is there a way of preventing Facebook of rewriting the title that I chose?

I know that I can use this in the head of my HTML document :

    <meta name="title" 
      content="Smith hails 'unique' Wable legacy">
<meta name="description" 
      content="John Smith claims beautiful football ..." />
<link rel="image_src" 
      href="" />

But the problem is that I can't control the webpage where this app will be embed.

Any help would be really appreciated.



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If you could product your application with JS Wrapper, then you could call ExternalInterface to change DOM models attributes and change title and meta tags.

Or what about facebook -> your html page -> iframe tag with your swf?

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