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Trying to get a section on my site working when it basically acts in the same way as facebooks wall post

user sees a box where they input some information about how they feel, then I use a jQuery $.post method to submit the data, and then I would like to retrive the new data.

Currently this is what I have.

<script type="text/javascript">

        $.post("/wall/new/", $("#testform").serialize());
        $(this).ajaxComplete(function() {
        return false;


And then the HTML looks like this

<div id="news">
    <h4>{% trans "News feed" %}</h4>

    <form method="post" action="/wall/new/" id="testform">
        <textarea id="id_text" class="wall-input" style="max-height: 100px;" rows="1" name="text"></textarea>

        <input type="submit" value="{% trans 'share' %}" class="blue" id="submit-wall"/>
        <div class="clearfix"></div>
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I don't know what exact problem you are facing. The code you have given looks OK; id it not working? –  Manoj Govindan Sep 4 '10 at 8:58
You may have a reason why you should first POST then GET the data back, but I would avoid it. Why not make a POST, see if it returns OK, and if it does just append the data the user provided directly in HTML with jQuery. You would save a request per post, but this method is not always convenient (if you need to process the data server side for example) –  Davor Lucic Sep 4 '10 at 12:13

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$.get seemed to solve the issue instead

$(this).ajaxComplete(function() {
    $.get('/wall/', { user:'myuser'}, function(data){
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Unless you are wedded to handling all of the AJAX detail yourself, take a look at the jQuery taconite plugin. It makes fire-and-forget AJAX functionality trivial to implement.

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