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this seems like a really simple Question...but behold :)

Geek name:string
Laser geek_id:integer, power:integer

 has_one :Laser

 belongs_to :Geek

simple enough, right?

Now I want to create the laser, after a geek gets created, so the new Geek Model looks like this

 has_one :laser
 after_create :create_laser

This works really nice, but I also like to pass a default value for the power attribute of the laser, so how do I do that?

after_create :create_laser(:power => 5000)

doesn't work :( but it looks nice :)

does anyone have a nice and elegant solution for this?

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Sure do.

Your callbacks are, as you know, just method names. Therefore rather than using create_laser here you could call another method here to setup and create a laser with some default parameters. Let's call it setup_laser and use it like this:

before_create :setup_laser

We'd define it in the Geek model like this:


def setup_laser
  create_laser(:power => 5000)
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Thanks Ryan this looks nice! – tabaluga Sep 4 '10 at 9:57

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