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Hi I am using sql server fulll edition.

any idea how should I solve this issue, I search on net but not found any helpful answer.


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Have you tried this link - – Sachin Shanbhag Sep 4 '10 at 9:39

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SQL Server 2005(Full Version) does not support the "user instance"(automatic creation of databases from code) directive in the connection string. Its a feature of sql server express edition.

Also if your connection string has user Instance attribute, then try removing the "User Instance=True;"

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that's true! Working great! – Suhrob Samiev Jan 29 '13 at 11:00
This was it: try removing the "User Instance=True;" – Gary Huckabone Nov 21 at 6:17

Automatic creation of databases from code is a feature of the SQL Express Edition. Try modifying your connection string after having manually created the FOO database:

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User Instancing (which allows the automatic creation of databases from code) is not supported on the full version of SQL Server, only on the Express version.

The solution is to manually create the database in SQL Server and set the connection string to point to it. You will also need to run aspnet_regsql.exe manually against the database if you will be using any of the new built-in database features of ASP.NET v2.0.


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User instancing is a feature of Sql Express only and is not available in full Sql Server. You need to construct your connection string to point at the DB server without any USer Instancing defined

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