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I have ANOTHER serialization question, but this time it is in regards to Java's native serialization import when serializing to binary. I have to serialize a random tree that is generated in another java file. I know how serialization and deserialization works, but the example I followed when using binary serialization with did not work in the same fashion as when I did it with, say a simple object. Here is my code segment:


public class BinaryS 

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        Tree randomTree = RandomTreeBuilder.randomTree(10);

        FileOutputStream fOut=null;
        ObjectOutputStream oOut=null;

            fOut= new FileOutputStream("/Users/Pat/programs/binaryfile.txt");
            oOut = new ObjectOutputStream(fOut);
            oOut.writeObject(randomTree); //serializing randomTree
            System.out.println("An employee is serialized into /Users/Pat/binaryfile.txt");
        }catch(IOException e){
            try {
            } catch (IOException e1) {

I believe the problem is when I use writeObject(randomTree). I get some terminal exceptions when this happens... they are below: GeneralTree at at at BinaryS.main(

edit: I know it says GeneralTree, but at the start of the class it was in I put

print("public class RandomTreeBuilder implements");

then, GeneralTree is found below it

print(" protected static Tree tree;
protected static ArrayList names;

 *Builds a random tree.  The build method does the work.
public static Tree randomTree(int n) {
    // Create a random binary tree with n external nodes
    tree = new GeneralTree();
    names = NameGenerator.getNames();
    build(tree.getRoot(), n);  // auxiliary recursive method
    return tree;


Update: Hey guys, I figured out my own problem, turns out I am an idiot and didn't realize I had to download an additional .java file, an easy fix now! Thanks for your help!

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At a guess, GeneralTree doesn't implement the Serializable marker interface, as documented here.

Actually, it could also be the objects you're storing in the tree aren't Serializable. A Collection is only serializable if all the elements in it are as well.

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edit: I know it says GeneralTree, but at the start of the class it was in I put

print("public class RandomTreeBuilder implements");

This does you no good - you are not trying to write an object of type RandomTreeBuilder to the object stream; the type you are trying to write is GeneralTree and it is that class that must implement Serializable.

FYI: in case you haven't come across it, this article covers many of the tricks and caveats of serialization: Discover the secrets of the Java Serialization API.

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