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  $str = "getList";

  //now by doing something to $str i need to call getList() method any sugesstions 

  function getList(){
    echo "get list called";
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Use the call_user_func() function to call the function by name.

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thanqu very much.. this solved my problem – Sekhar Sep 4 '10 at 10:48

This feature is known as Variable functions, here is an example from

 function foo() {
     echo "In foo()<br />\n";

 function bar($arg = '')
     echo "In bar(); argument was '$arg'.<br />\n";

 // This is a wrapper function around echo
 function echoit($string)
     echo $string;

 $func = 'foo';
 $func();        // This calls foo()

 $func = 'bar';
 $func('test');  // This calls bar()

 $func = 'echoit';
 $func('test');  // This calls echoit()

More Info:

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You can use the variable as a function name. This will execute getList():


However, stuff like this is mostly a symptom of a design problem. Care to elaborate what you need this for?

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