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A friend of mine asked me a question that I couldn't answer or figure out yet.

The problem is: he wants to make an HTML table having width of 100% and many columns, of which the first one (or two) should be always visible, while others should scroll if their total width is higher than [width of the table (100%) minus width of the first two columns]. As he said, in effect this should be similar to Frozen columns in MS Excel.

I tried to group those columns into colgroups and style the second colgroup with overflow: auto, but that doesn't work. Instead, the table just grows horizontally, making the whole page scroll.

A partial solution that he himself came up with was to actually have three tables: one as a container, one for the two static columns and one for scrolling columns, and put the latter into a div. However, this solution again has a problem: in order for it to work, the div needs an absolute width value (specifying width: 100% just makes the table grow).

Is there any way to solve this problem?

Edit: Thanks for both replies, I've passed the links over to my friend, hope he finds a solution that suits him best.

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Check this out. It has a sample where the first column is frozen. You can extend it to as many columns as you need.

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That's why answers like this are unwanted here. Can you to tell us what was behind your broken link? – vp_arth Mar 17 '15 at 11:42

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