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Can anyone suggest the methods I could use...

I m on shared hosting now (cpanel)... I have access to perl modules, ruby, (No idea how they work)

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The IMAP extension is used for that. Either by having a real mailbox you check, or by letting the mailserver pipe emails to your your script & parsing the parts of the email with the provided funstions.

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umm.. I just want to pipe emails (im not saving any of it) .... process it via php... – Suhas Sep 4 '10 at 13:03
need a little help on functions that i could use to catch emails... i am kinda new to this.. – Suhas Sep 4 '10 at 13:08

PEAR_Mail_MimeDecode class from Pear. Is the real solution.

Possible Duplicate:

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@shamittomar: why editing an answer saying the question is a possible duplicate? Just vote to close, or add a comment. – Wrikken Sep 4 '10 at 12:45
@Wrikken, I just fixed the formatting issues in the answer. The Possible Duplicate was already given by the original answerer (JapanPro). – shamittomar Sep 4 '10 at 12:57
@Wrikken, Also, this looks like a possible duplicate only ..... not exact duplicate. Because in the other question, only attachments are processed but here he wants to process everything. – shamittomar Sep 4 '10 at 12:58
OK, I was to hasty & not checking things properly, my apologies. – Wrikken Sep 4 '10 at 12:59

If you are a on a shared hosting system it is possibly easiest to let someone like or send the email to your app via a webhook.

You will then need to use something like Mail_MimeDecode to actually parse the message you receive and extract the content you want to use.

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