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I'm writing a jQuery grid plugin and I've designed it so it works independently from the language being used. The following is the basics of how my plugin is assigned:

    enablePager: true,
    dataPath: "Movement/GetGridPage",
    columns: {
        Edit: { title: "", cellCallback: editButtonCallBack, width:"16px" },
        DocketNumber: { title: "Docket #" },
        SiteName: { title: "Site" },
        SiteAddress: { title: "Address" },
        SiteRegion: { title: "Region" },
    cssTable: "table",
    cssAltRow: "altRow"

Because I want to perform some more advanced data handling than just populating a <td> with some text, I've added a callback handler (cellCallback) which allows me to have a page specific function for a particular columns data. So within my plugin I do the following:

var dataItem = currentRow[columnName];
if (columnSetting.cellCallback) {
else {

The problem I've got is that my edit column needs to contain some ImageActionLinks (my Image implementation of an ActionLink). I don't want to return the HTML within my JSON response from the Controller because that's an unnecessary overhead.

Is there any nice way I can create these action links on the fly? Currently, to get it working, I have this incredibly nasty method:

function editButtonCallBack(data)
    var link = '<%= Html.ImageActionLink("Movement", "Edit", new { id = "X" }, 
        Url.Content("~/Content/Icons/Edit.png"), "Edit", null, null) %>';
    return link.replace("X", data);

So on each callback, I just find and replace the X with the data that represents the ID to edit.

I know this is bad and will break as soon as the Controller or Action has an X in it. So how can I do this properly?

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I doubt this is the answer you are looking for, but could you not just choose a value for "X" for which collisions are virtually impossible? i.e. %#$PLACEHOLDER$#% or the like? – Kirk Woll Sep 4 '10 at 14:10
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What about:

function editButtonCallBack(data)
    var link = '<%= Html.ImageActionLink("Movement", "Edit", null, 
        Url.Content("~/Content/Icons/Edit.png"), "Edit", null, null) %>';

    var element = $('<div>' + link + '</div>');
    element.find('a').attr('id', data)
    return element.html();

This will at least perform the replacement on that specific attribute rather than on the entire block of HTML. (Surrounding with the "<div></div>" because html() only grabs the inner HTML.)

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I take it you meant href instead of id? Did the following thanks to this answer: anchor.attr('href', anchor.attr("href") + "/" + data). – GenericTypeTea Sep 4 '10 at 14:53
Oh? From your code in your question, it looked like you were only replacing the value of the id attribute. But anyway, glad I could help. :) – Kirk Woll Sep 4 '10 at 15:10
It's an ActionLink, so the id is the name of the property on the controller action, not the ID of the element. – GenericTypeTea Sep 4 '10 at 16:01

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