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I've been able setup the oAuth calls to get the users access Token following a couple blog posts: and :/

But I'm having problems sending a status update. I can't find any examples so I may not be setting the proper values. Here's the code which keeps returning: "Could not authenticate with OAuth."

private void Tweet()
    var credentials = new OAuthCredentials
                                Type = OAuthType.ProtectedResource,
                                SignatureMethod = OAuthSignatureMethod.HmacSha1,
                                ParameterHandling = OAuthParameterHandling.HttpAuthorizationHeader,
                                ConsumerKey = TwitterSettings.ConsumerKey,
                                ConsumerSecret = TwitterSettings.ConsumerKeySecret,
                                Token = _settings.AccessToken,
                                TokenSecret = _settings.AccessTokenSecret,
                                Version = TwitterSettings.OAuthVersion,

    var client = new RestClient
        Authority = "",
        Credentials = credentials,
        HasElevatedPermissions = true

    var request = new RestRequest
        Path = "/statuses/update.json",
        Method = WebMethod.Post

    request.AddParameter("status", TwitterTextBox.Text);

    client.BeginRequest(request, new RestCallback(TwitterPostCompleted));

private void TwitterPostCompleted(RestRequest request, RestResponse response, object userstate)
    Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(() => MessageBox.Show(response.Content));

thanks for any help, Sam

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Ah figured it out finally I was using the wrong URL need to use:

Authority = "" and not: ""

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Just in case other people find this I've written a blog post on using OAth with Hammock for Twitter. Might be of use to some people!

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