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I need to pass a collection to the standard select input in Formtastic:

f.input :apple, :as => :select, :collection => Apple.all

The problem is, though that I need Formtastic to access a different method than name. Now this is really a problem. I can always pass the Array

f.input :apple, :as => :select, :collection => { |a| a.format_name }

The problem is, that after this I will get strings in the controller instead of IDs which is not desired. I tried to pass Hash instead:

options =
Apple.each { |a|, }
f.input :apple, :as => :select, :collection => options

Now the problem is, that since I am using Ruby 1.8.7, the Hash order is unspecified and I of course need ordered input...

I can imagine some solutions, but all of those require unnecessary code.

Any idea how to solve this right?

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f.input :apple, :as => :select, :collection => Apple.all, :label_method => :format_name, :value_method => :id
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what about if we want not only :format_name, but smth like this: :format_name + :another_name ? – kokemomuke May 16 at 5:18

There is no direct indication in the formtastic documentation, but collection can be nested arrays as well, so problem is solved by:

f.input :apple, :as => :select, :collection => { |a| [ a.format_name, ] }
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This did the trick for me as I happen to still be using a Ruby 1.8.7 version. Thanks! – shakerlxxv Aug 2 '12 at 4:42

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