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I'm trying to pull all sentences from a text that consist of, say, at least 5 words in PHP. Assuming sentences end with full stop, question or exclamation mark, I came up with this:


Any ideas, what's wrong?

Also, what needs to be done for this to work with UTF-8?

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"Any ideas, what's wrong?" What actually happened? An error? Didn't do what you expected it to do? –  Greg Treleaven Sep 4 '10 at 18:16

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\w only matches a single character. A single word would be \w+. If you need at least 5 words, you could do something like:


i.e. at least 4 words followed by spaces, followed by another word followed by a sentence delimiter.

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+1 for being faster –  bitmask Sep 4 '10 at 18:26

I agree with the solution posted here. If you're using preg functions in PHP you can add 'u' pattern modifier for this to work with UTF-8. /(\w+\s){4,}\w+[.?!]/u for example

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The without regex method:

$str = "this is a more than five word sentence. But this is not. Neither this. NO";

$sentences = explode(".", $str);
foreach($sentences as $s)
   $words = explode(' ', $s);
   if(count(array_filter($words, 'is_notempty')) > 5)
       echo "Found matching sentence : $s" . "<br/>";

function is_notempty($x)
 return !empty($x);

This outputs:

Found matching sentence : this is a more than five word sentence

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Note that you can only "explode" with a single delimiter. The OP stated that sentences could end with any of .?!. –  casablanca Sep 4 '10 at 18:33

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