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I have a form where the admins will be uploading more then 2 pictures at a time, i had been using the basic HTML file input style, however i want to do more with it as i am using a beautiful admin theme from themeforest, (the author haven't included the styled file input element in skin), i want to do it manually. which should meet the following requirement

a) A styled file input element should be displayed first

b) When the user gives the file input it should automatically upload the file using php

c)while uploading the file i want to see the file upload progress with tool tip

d)once all the files are uploaded the user should be able to process the form with already uploaded file.

I want to admit that i have a very basic understanding of how javascript and Jquery works, however i am quite good at PHP, HTML and CSS.

I want some kinda tutorial regarding how do i style my file input to fill my need.

i am searching something like this.. File Upload

thank you

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The only thing that fulfills all your requirements in a way that works with most browsers at the moment is a Flash-based uploader like SWFUpload or Uploadify.

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Pekka you are the greatest in StackOverflow, everytime i post a question i wish you answer it. thank you so much. i am going with Uploadify. i have to find a nice tutorial now how to embed it using PHP. :):) Cheers!!! – Ibrahim Azhar Armar Sep 4 '10 at 19:57

Use SWFUpload. Look its FEATURES DEMO. It has almost everything.

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