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Any Php Class To Decode/Incode Strings with Gzip, compress, x-gzip or x-compress Algorithm .


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See in the manual: PHP: Compression and Archive functions

and there specifically: ZLib functions, e.g. gzcompress()

They require the ZLib module to be present.

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Thanks Pekka, but i needed a class that deals with all these algorithms, something like: decode($string,"x-gzip"); –  Ryan Sep 4 '10 at 22:58
@David I see. I doubt there is going to be such a universal library. It would have to be a compiled extension, a PHP implementation of these would probably be awfully slow... Maybe you can put something together yourself but I don't know whether those other algorithms (what is compress?) have a PHP implementation at all. Anyway, just wait - maybe something comes up. –  Pekka 웃 Sep 4 '10 at 23:00

If you just need a generic wrapper to decode based on a given method name, use an array instead:

 $decode = array(
     "gzip" => "gzdecode",
     "deflate" => "gzinflate",
     "compress" => "gzuncompress",
     "x-gzip" => "gzdecode",
     "x-deflate" => "gzinflate",
     "x-compress" => "gzuncompress",

Then instead of decode($bin, "x-gzip") you just use:

 $uncompressed = $decode["x-gzip"]($bin_data);

Though I wonder about the use case. And maybe you'll better wrap it in a function.. :}

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