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In my windows application, I am trying to find the height of the task bar. While I can hard program this into my program, I would like to find it programmatically to support past, present (win7) and future windows versions.

So, how would I do this?

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You get it from GetMonitorInfo(), MONITORINFOEX.rcWork. Get the HMONITOR from, say, MonitorFromRect(), passing your window rectangle. Or MonitorFromPoint() or EnumDisplayMonitors(), depends where you want to display your window. (0,0) is always the upper left corner of the primary monitor.

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Ask Windows about it using the ABM_GETTASKBAR message and specifying the hwnd for the taskbar.

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By searching google for "height of taskbar c++:, I got the following result.

From http://ahackersnotes.com/c/get-the-height-or-width-of-the-windows-taskbar-using-c.html

QUOTE: "Here’s how to get the height of the Windows task bar using the windows functions FindWindow and GetWindowRect.

int MyClass::getTaskBarHeight()
    RECT rect;
    HWND taskBar = FindWindow(L"Shell_traywnd", NULL);
    if(taskBar && GetWindowRect(taskBar, &rect)) {
        return rect.bottom - rect.top;

Getting the width (should the task bar be on the left or right of the screen) can be done using:

rect-right - rect.left"

EDIT: You may want to check if the width is greater than the height. If the width is greater, this means the bar is at the top or bottom. Otherwise, it is on the left/right side of the screen.

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There could be multiple task bars. Or none if the window is not displayed on the primary monitor. This is not a good approach. –  Hans Passant Sep 5 '10 at 0:59
This seems like the easiest approach. I am not concerned with multiple monitors or anything unlikely at the moment. –  Alexander Rafferty Sep 5 '10 at 1:50

Probably, you want not only Taksbar, but all other 'bars' on the screen?

All you actually need is SystemParametersInfo(SPI_GETWORKAREA)

SystemParametersInfo, passing SPI_GETWORKAREA as a parameter

Retrieves the size of the work area on the primary display monitor. The work area is the portion of the screen not obscured by the system taskbar or by application desktop toolbars. The pvParam parameter must point to a RECT structure that receives the coordinates of the work area, expressed in virtual screen coordinates.

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