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Would like to know how to use GitHub as a version control system for my hosted Drupal site. What are steps that I need to take to push files from Drupal to GitHub? What files/directories are best to push over to GitHub.


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If you aren't already familiar with git you will need to read this ...

Hosting on Github and then cloning to your hosting deployment directory, you'd simply do..

git clone git://github.com/your-github-account/your-github-repo.git

To initially deploy.

And then: (when there are changes to deploy)

git pull

To update the site to the latest version of your site.

(both commands executed on the shell of the server, and assuming git is available there)

Github's SVN support

If you don't have git available on the hosting server (and it cannot be installed for some reason), Github also allows you to checkout a repository over Subversion.

svn co http://svn.github.com/your-github-account/your-github-repo.git .

To do the initial deploy... and:

svn up

To deploy new changes.

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