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I am using CodeIgniter and reCaptcha, but I'm not sure how to properly use the recaptcha library. In the demo, no matter what I type in I get the success message. So that leads to my question:

Does anybody know of a good CodeIgniter reCaptcha library tutorial



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This is probably your best bet.

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Thanks, I re-installed it and everything seems to be working now. –  lemiant Sep 5 '10 at 20:55

I like to install Re_CAPTCHA on WEB. I spend time for noting. Re_CAPTCHA is TOYS not the tools. So there is NOT ANY good re-Captcha library tutorial. Like other security is only with the name.

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I m using reCAPTCHA plug in from here

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Try this link

This gives you a full tutorial and a downloadable code this works well with codeingiter 2

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Yeah , I know of a good CodeIgniter reCaptcha library tutorial at bugphp.com Visit: http://bugphp.com/codeigniter-tutorials/how-to-use-re-captcha-in-codeigniter/

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