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I have created a certain class to represent an object. My program has several views and view controllers. I want the different view controllers to work with this object. However, when I try to synthesize the class members so that they can be used in the view controller, I get an error saying that there is no declaration of the property found in the interface, even after I have included the .h file. How can I synthesize members from another class in the various view controllers that will be working with them?

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Without seeing your code or the specific compiler errors, it's hard to say what might be going on.

If you're just setting up a simple model object, then you should be able to write something like this in Model.h:

@interface Model : NSObject {}

@property (nonatomic, retain) NSString *name;


and in your Model.m file:

@implementation Model

@synthesize name;


All you need to do at that point is #import "Model.h" into your other source files and then you can use the name property like so:

Model *m = [[Model alloc] init];
m.name = @"Bob";

It sounds like the compiler is complaining about the lack of the @property declaration in your case.

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I am creating the property I just didn't write anything in the m file. That was the problem. –  node ninja Sep 5 '10 at 6:30
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