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Hello I want to make a batch file and i have made it as

set PATH=C:\bada\1.0.0b3\Tools\Toolchains\Win32\bin%path%C:\bada\1.0.0b3\Include
set CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH=C:\bada\1.0.0b3\Include


g++ -I"C:/bada/1.0.0b3/include" -I -O0 -g3 -Wall -c -MMD -MP -MF"src/AnimationApp.d" -MT"src/AnimationApp.d" -o"src/AnimationAppEntry.o" "C:\Users\Suvin\Desktop\ezBADA\temp\src\AnimationApp.cpp


g++ -I"C:/bada/1.0.0b3/include" -I -O0 -g3 -Wall -c -MMD -MP -MF"src/AnimationAppEntry.d" -MT"src/AnimationAppEntry.d" -o"src/AnimationAppEntry.o" "C:\Users\Suvin\Desktop\ezBADA\temp\src\AnimationAppEntry.cpp


g++ -L"C:/bada/1.0.0b3/Model/Wave_LP1/Simulator" -L"C:/bada/1.0.0b3/Lib" -L"C:/bada/1.0.0b3/IDE/workspace2/AnimationApp/lib" -shared -o"AnimationApp.exe"  C:\Users\Suvin\Desktop\ezBADA\temp\src/AnimationApp.o C:\Users\Suvin\Desktop\ezBADA\temp\src/AnimationAppEntry.o -losp_rt0 -lFMedia -lFApp -lFUi -lFUiControls -lFBase -lFSystem -lFGraphics

But the paths and drives here are according to my computer.Now suppose a different user want to use my batch file he will have his SDK and src files placed on different drives.How to create a Batch file which takes the path of global drives according to different users.Also i want that in the process of making a batch file the remaining files should be deleted.Help would be greatly appreciated

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%homedrive% is the drive your windows installation is on, %username% is the current user, %homepath% is the current users' home folder in documents and settings

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Thanks but could you help how to use it..?? – Suvin Sep 5 '10 at 7:55
with reference to the above batch file – Suvin Sep 5 '10 at 7:57
set CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH=C:\bada\1.0.0b3\Include is the same as: set CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH=%homedrive%\bada\1.0.0b3\Include, but will work on a computer if the drive windows was installed in is H: or E: or whatever. – MaQleod Sep 5 '10 at 9:09
but what if i have a folder ezbada.earlier this folder was placed on deaktop so my path was C:\Users\Suvin\Desktop\ezBADA.What if i want to continiously keep changing the folder location suppose this time oh E: drive.Then what should be putted in the path and also my SDK was in C: drive.That is why the path was C:\bada\1.0.0b3\Tools\Toolchains\.What if a diff user places his SDK somewhere else.What should we use at that time as it has nothing to do with windows. Thanks Maqleod. But please elobrate a bit further. – Suvin Sep 5 '10 at 9:34
You could use this for the desktop location: %userprofile%\desktop – MaQleod Sep 5 '10 at 19:17

If you have no easy way of figuring out where stuff resides, I'd just use global environment variables for this:

if not defined OLD_PATH set OLD_PATH=%CD% 
if not defined CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH set CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH=C:\bada\1.0.0b3\Include

Well, and PATH is a different beast, still. You can then just set the environment variables once for the user and the batch file will use them if they are present or use its own defaults.

To delete the files that remain from the build, simply use del to delete them. del can also take wildcards, so

del *.obj

is ok too.

Ideally, however, you'd use a build automation tool here like make or MSBuild.

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