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I have to do an advice with a teacher that will helps me to get better some files I have done. To do this we'll use Microsoft Office NetMeeting. The teacher has the server part of the software and I have the client part. I'll share with him my desktop, the files and the application to elaborate them. I'm a little in trouble because I'm not sure that he can't transfer my files to his computer without my noticing. I have not find much in internet about this - also my english is so-and-so (I'm italian). Could you tell me if I can reasonably be pacific about this problem? Or else can you tell me if there is somthing I can do to protect my files? Thank you, Pileggi

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To answer this with 100% certainty I would have to know the name of the software you will be using. But my guess is that it's nothing to worry about. Software like Teamviewer protect you from such invasion of privacy

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Thank you veri much!!! It's not a mistery: the software is Visual Studio. We'll use NetMeeting because it allows the voice calls (voip) during the advice. I'm very glad that you think that it's nothing to warry about! :-) This forum is the best about the rapidity and the efficiency. –  pileggi Sep 5 '10 at 11:29
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