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Whenever I call the Dispose method on a Windows Forms form (derived from System.Windows.Forms.Form) to close it, the Dispose method finalizes by releasing resources and disposing the form.

I have runtime objects like textboxes as below:

Textbox Tb = new Textbox();

The user can create new textboxes dynamically. I want it so those textboxes that contain data stay around, and those that are null are removed. When I call the Dispose method on the empty textboxes, at runtime it looks like they're disposed, but generally they're just invisible.


  1. What is the difference between calling the dispose method on textboxes versus classes derived from Forms?

  2. Why is a Form disposed on calling e.g. Form1.Dispose();, and why not textboxes at runtime as below?

    if (tb.text=="")
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it's for knowledge and everybody has right to gain it. then feel free to expanding knowledge. –  mahesh Sep 5 '10 at 11:39
I am here for knowledge not for points. and I do believe in this community. –  mahesh Sep 5 '10 at 12:26
@mahesh - I didn't downvote as I suspect that there is probably a reasonable question in there somewhere. However Downvotes are encouraged for questions that are unclear or not useful. Unfortunately this this question is indeed unclear (at least to me) due to the standard of English. –  Martin Smith Sep 5 '10 at 15:25
@Martin Smit, don't worry God will help u dear. –  mahesh Sep 5 '10 at 16:08
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From what I understand, it's because of ownership. The form owns the controls, so if you dispose of the controls, fine, you just need to refresh it. If you dispose of the form itself, it's gone, nothing to refresh.

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Disposing a Control will surely invalidate its screen area. –  Henk Holterman Sep 5 '10 at 22:36
@MPelletier sir, that means dispose method is specially design or preapared only for form in case direct use. if it is use at runtime controls it's have to first get remove it from control and thenafter applied dispose method. In short dispose method's direct use for only forms. –  mahesh Sep 10 '10 at 11:23
@MPelletier sir, and direct use of dispose method on other controls like textboxes which harmful we will lose other controls resources espacially listbox control. it is very dangerous to use it without knowing about it. and we have to pay for it damages. –  mahesh Sep 10 '10 at 11:35
@mahesh: Form.close() usually takes care of all the disposing required. I will investigate further on how to remove a textbox properly. –  MPelletier Sep 10 '10 at 11:44
@Henk Holterman Sir, I am totally agree with u –  mahesh Sep 10 '10 at 11:57

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