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In VS 2008, I created an empty project in VC++ and added a source file as . . .




int main()
  return 0;


I get these errors/warnings :

Warning 1 warning C4013: 'clrscr' undefined; assuming extern returning int c:\tc\toh.c 170 TOH

Error 3 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _clrscr referenced in function _main TOH.obj TOH

What the problem??

Thanks in advance..

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Use the FillConsoleOutputCharacter and FillConsoleOutputAttribute functions. There is even an example of how to do that at MSDN, convenniently called "Clearing the screen"

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Are you trying to mix Borland libraries with VC++? That could be the problem. Can you clear the console instead by sending a bunch of \ns?

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Instead of using clrscr(); use system("cls");

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