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I used cascading lookup field custom control from


when I create a field from this custom type its type becomes cascading lookup

I want to set it to be multiple lookup column

I changed the parenttype of the field to be LookupMulti

and in code when I allow multiple values I found that the type of the field changed from cascading lookup to standard lookup field which leads to loss of functionality.

is there any way to do this without changing the type of the fieled

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I would just recommend using a commercial solution, such as our Connected Field It supports single and multiple parent/child, multiple children chaining, site columns, content type and inline choice entry.

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thanks but i'm looking for a solution for this –  Mina Samy Sep 6 '10 at 7:18
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I got it. the solution is to modify the schema.xml of the file to force it keep the type of the custom field.

i got it from here http://chrisforbesblogs.net/tag/lookupmulti/

he had the same scenario

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If you want a third party solution,please try our SharePoint Cascaded Lookup) ,a simple but powerful add-ons for sharepoint ,and relatively cheap($299/WFE)

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