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Is there any way to check if a user with a certain id or name is online in Wordpress?

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I think the function you want is is_user_logged_in. Maybe try

wp_set_current_user($id, $name = '')

To set the current user by id, and then check if they are logged in using


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slight problem with this approach, you have changed the global variable $current_user value by passing in a new user. After checking that if that user is online you need to switch it back to what it was before. Am I right? – Talha Jul 15 '14 at 13:53

jkeesh has a good solution, but that may not offer live information. is_user_logged_in() is a conditional statement for performing actions.

It's helpful if you want to do this for example:

When logged in, show smiley.jpg

When logged out, don't show smiley.jpg

If you are simply trying to do one of those features which forums have that show "x number of users online" and list their usernames, I don't believe this conditional statement can do that. That would either require some custom code or another plugin.

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