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Does visual studio 2010 unlimited modeling project do reverse engineering? How about code generation from the UML models? I am playing around with it and it makes beautiful UML class diagram but I can't find any options to create code templates based on them.

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Take a look at the following links:


Sneak peek at the first “Feature Pack” for VS2010 Visualization and Modeling Tools

Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack (MSDN Subscribers Only)

  • Generate code from UML class diagrams.
  • Create UML class diagrams from code. Import UML class, sequence, and use case elements from XMI 2.1 files.
  • Create and view links from work items to model elements.
  • Generate dependency graphs for ASP.NET Web, C, and C++ projects.
  • Create and validate layer diagrams for C and C++ code.
  • Write custom code to create, modify, and validate layer diagrams.
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Does visual studio 2010 unlimited modeling project do reverse engineering?

VS2010 allows you to reverse engineer from code to UML diagrams. See MSDN

How about code generation?

Again refer to MSDN Visual Studio Code Generation

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