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is it possible to edit the hosts file of the iPhone simulator?

I'm working on a REST API and I need to be able to access my local site using a correct domain (e.g. http://api.local.com)

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You can simply edit your Mac's /etc/hosts file and iPhone Simulator will adopt whatever is set there.

It works because the iPhone Simulator simply provides a simulated frontend of Mobile Safari's user interface, which just uses your Mac's network settings.

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Thanks! It worked. –  Shiki Sep 6 '10 at 5:20
There is some indication that this behaviour has changed with the Xcode 6 iOS Simulator. Do you know anything about it BoltClock? –  trojanfoe Sep 23 at 7:59
@trojanfoe: Hmm, I don't think so :( I haven't had a chance to update to Xcode 6 yet. –  BoltClock Sep 23 at 8:12
It's not clear how the simulator would even work if it didn't rely on the OSX name resolution subsystem, so it could very well be a red herring. Anyway, cheers. –  trojanfoe Sep 23 at 8:13
I'm currently working on a project with Xcode 6 and editing /etc/hosts of host OSX doesn't seem to affect iOS Simulator. Here is a link to same issue with Xcode 6: stackoverflow.com/questions/25973476/… –  DUzun Oct 9 at 14:43

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